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The Conservative, The Liberal, 
The One in the Middle

A tumultuous 2016 draws to a close. An uncertain 2017 lies ahead. Time to consider where we’ve been and where we may be going from the dual political and spiritual vantage points of: 

  • The conservative - exemplified by the non-traditional conservative Donald Trump and his predecessor of two millennia past - James the brother of Jesus of Nazareth. 
  • The liberal - putting the old war-horse Bernie Sanders alongside his biblical revolutionary, Saul (renamed Paul) of Tarsus.
  • The one in the middle - with the early front-runner Hilary Clinton squeezed between liberal and conservative extremes, much as St. Peter experienced as Christ disciple and early church leader. 

For reasons both empirical and scriptural, our conclusion is that the liberal always eventually wins out - as humanity marches ever-forward.