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Prodigals & Jesus

One of the best known of Jesus’ parables is that of the prodigal son. While fictitious, Jesus' story has real life roots - reaching back to the some of the more notable events of the Hebrew scriptures - the accounts of Jacob, Rahab and Jonah. 

What is God's response to these wayward souls?

What we find is the essence of how God custom tailors each response to the individual and the situation at hand. In a nutshell, the message is about:

  • Jesus’ Prodigal Son – forgiveness
  • Jacob – blessing
  • Rahab – faith & works
  • Jonah – resurrection

And one more thing. Of the four responses to fictitious and real life prodigals, that of Jesus is the more encompassing. Forgiveness is the umbrella under which the other more specific responses are found. If God could not have forgiven Jacob, there would have been no blessing - albeit conditioned with struggle. Lack of condemnation for Rahab’s lifestyle – acceptance as she was – proved pivotal to her subsequent acts of faith and works on behalf of Israeli spies from ages past. And if God were to hold a grudge against Jonah, would he have incented the sea creature to cough Jonah up onto the shore? To save a nation (an ancient version of today's Iraq) from certain destruction?